Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Weekend

So many ups and downs this weekend...

My brother Paul, my nephew Cole and my neice Ava came to visit this weekend from Detroit. It was so good to see them, and Cole and Ava are growing like weeds. It's crazy because I remember when Cole was a baby. Seriously, like it was yesterday.

We decided that we wanted to take the kids to Klackles Orchard on Sunday to get pumpkins and do all of the typical pumpkin patch stuff. But Morgan came down with a nasty cold on Saturday and so we decided it would be better if she stayed home with Daddy.

The weather was perfect, minus the breeze. Have I mentioned I love fall weather?

Taylor was not at all amused with her hoodie. I brought a hat for her to wear, but it didn't last long on her head before she was yanking at it.
Her favorite part of the orchard? Walking around and playing on the slide (although you can't tell from the expression on her face in this picture!).

We of course had to get pumpkins and we couldn't leave without one for Morgan.

I love that one is a little bigger than the other. Just like my girls! Perfect! (no I didn't plan it that way, those just happened to be the ones Taylor picked out). I don't think we'll be carving pumpkins this year, so these beauties will probably be getting some sort of decoration. Thinking of putting their initials on them, possibly with green, black and purple buttons glued on. We'll see how crafty I feel.
So, it really stunk that Morgan couldn't go with us to the orchard, but she did get some quality Daddy snuggle time. She was happier than a clam when I get home. What wasn't so happy about Sunday? Taylor came down with the same nasty cold Sunday night. I should have expected it. But I didn't. Mike and I are going on very little sleep since we've had Morgan in our room since Saturday night. I think we will probably have Taylor in there tonight. I am usually not a fan of co-sleeping, but I make the exception when the girls are sick. I like having them there, and I know it makes them feel better.
I hope I'm wrong, but I feel like I am coming down with the same thing the girls have. I am hoping its just from lack of sleep. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Becky said...

I'm also not the biggest fan of co-sleeping, but boy, it can come in handy, right?
The pumpkins are so cute -- hope you all feel better soon and can enjoy the fall some more!