Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shoe Issues

What an ugly day we're having today! And I hear that snow mixed with rain is in the forecast. Ugh. I love fall, but I hate winter, and I know it's around the corner. Good thing I bought the girls winter coats and boots already. Not that they will be tromping around in the snow, but I thought they should have something warmer on their feet than their regular shoes.

Speaking of shoes, does anyone know who sells wide shoes for kids? I am having the hardest time finding wide shoes for Taylor. Stride Rite has been our go-to store so far, but sometimes they don't have a great selection in wides. These are the ones I ended up getting for Taylor. It was between these ones and one other pair. Seriously, they only had 2 "boots" for wide feet. So frustrated!
Finding shoes for Taylor was so much easier when she smaller. I could pick up a pair of cute ones at Target and they would fit without a problem. Not so much anymore. I did buy a pair of cute sparkly tennis shoes that are only a regular width, and I think she's tired of me squeezing her little tootsies in there because she keeps taking them off just minutes after I put them on her. Oh and she is going through an "I hate socks" phase. She is always taking them off. Even in the car. I will turn around to look at her, and sure enough, her shoes and socks are laying on the floor.
Yup, we are definitely having shoe (and socks) issues around here!

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Kim said...

PAYLESS! they have the best selection of wides.