Sunday, January 15, 2012

High Hopes

Morgan and Taylor had their 18 month well child visit last Monday. We are slightly behind on their wcc visits this time since it's kind of hard to get in on a day that works for both Mike and I.
I had high hopes for this visit, since I was NOT leaving that office without a referral to an ENT for Taylor. Our pediatrician looked at Taylor's ears and guess what? She had another ear infection. Keep in mind that her ear infection history has gone like this: 6 ear infections since Memorial Day, with her last one being on December 17. And here we are with another. So, Dr. R didn't really hesitate to give her a referral to an ENT. Hallelujah! Instantly I was a happy mom.
I was happy for more than one reason about her referral. In my opinion, she needs the tubes. She probably needed them, oh, I don't know. Maybe 3 ear infections ago!!! But she needs them because I believe it might be causing her to have some hearing loss. Which in turn, may be one of the reasons that she is not really talking yet. She babbles but she doesn't say words. She doesn't even say mama or daddy. Taylor's comprehension far exceeds her expression. She understands what we say to her, and she usually responds by pointing. She just doesn't have the words.
Her appointment is set for February 20 and they are also going to be looking at her adenoids while she is out. If the dr feels they are enlarged, he will be removing them at that point. An audiologist is also going to be testing her for hearing loss while she is under anesthesia, with a process called BAER. I am relieved that we are going to get this taken care of, and that Taylor will hopefully get some relief from these ear infections and hear normally again (crossing my fingers).

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