Monday, January 9, 2012


So one of my goals for the new year is to make Sundays a day of rest, spending time with family, and well, unplugging. (hmm.. Sundays as a day of rest? Weird concept, huh? :)

As crazy about tv as I am, I haven't quite been able to shut it off completely for the whole day. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes in real handy when you need to run downstairs to throw in a load of laundry, or spend 10 minutes in the bathroom without 2 little people in there with you.

I wanted to start by putting my phone on the charger for the day, and just ignore it. Let's be truthful here. My phone and I are BFF's. It is usually hooked to my side at all times. I'm the girl who has to check her phone 5 million times a day, not wanting to miss anything! I've been known to go into panic mode when I can't find my phone. This is not good, people. So when I purposed to put down the phone for an entire day, I was truly worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, as sad as that may sound.

And it ended up being...wonderful.

I did not miss checking Facebook 100 times a day, or running to get my phone to see who Tweeted what. I did not miss spending time playing Wordfeud or Scrabble or Cityville. I did not miss checking out the entertainment news on US Weekly, or viewing the headlining stories at ABC news.

I honestly felt relieved that I had made this promise to myself to do this. I know it doesn't sound like much to not use your cell phone for just one day, but I am realistic. I am just glad that I am making the effort to turn off the "noise". I'l keep you updated in the next couple months to let you know if I'm sticking to my guns or if I have let that IPhone get the best of me!


Erin said...

We go unplugged on Sundays, too - no TV, no radio, no computer, no e-mails, no Facebook, etc. We do keep our cell phones on, since we don't have a land line. It's actually REALLY freeing!

Jaime said...

I should totally do this...I will! Yes my phone and I are BFF's too.
My mom says it's my extra limb...LOL

I will have to do this....Great idea!