Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my favorite time of day

I have a confession to make.

One of my favorite times of the day is when the girls go down for their morning nap. (yes they are still taking a morning nap, and I'm not pushing them to drop it)

This is the time when the house is completely quiet, and I can just sit with my cup of coffee and have my prayer/Bible study time.

I don't get to do this everyday, so when I do, it's a happy moment. I wish it could be an everyday occurence, but right now, I am not disciplined enough to set my alarm early in order to get up and have some quiet time. I love my sleep. I'm working on this.

So, for now, I take my quiet time when I can get it. And I am loving it...


Bethany said...

good for you!!

Becky said...

Don't worry about enforcing the "one long" as opposed to "two short" naptimes. I finally quit enforcing random standards on myself and let Will go back to eating baby-food fruits. Why? Because he'll eat them, he loves them, and I know he's getting nutrition. Is he 2 1/2? Yes. But so what? I am slooooooooooowly learning to give grace to myself as a mom. My kids are growing too fast as it is. I think I'll let them choose the pace on the little things that don't really matter in the end. :)