Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taylor's therapy

Taylor had her second round of speech therapy yesterday! We've had her "teacher" over before, but it was mostly to talk about what the plan for Taylor was and to fill out a bunch of paperwork. 

I was a little concerned that Taylor was going to be a wreck the entire time, but she actually did really well. Typically, Taylor is slow to warm up to people, but she didn't have a problem warming up to Miss Sara. It was so nice to see her interact and smile with her teacher!

Even though Taylor only meets with her teacher for one hour once a week, I am hoping and praying that she makes huge strides in her language development. We love Taylor just the way she is, but it can be hard sometimes when she is frustrated over something and can't communicate that to us. 95% of the time, we know exactly what she wants and needs, and there isn't a problem. But I would give anything for her to say "momma". It breaks my heart a little bit that she is 2 years old and I still haven't heard her say it (or anything for that matter).

So one goal of Taylor's is to learn some sign langauge. Miss Sara has told us that children learn to talk faster when they learn/use sign langauge, so we have started using some simple signs with Taylor. I was so geeked when she brought me signing flashcards yesterday!

I brought them to bed with me last night so I could mark the ones we were going to try first and practice them. Yes, I am a geek that way, but I am so ready to be able to communicate with Taylor and have her learn to communicate back with me!

*Just to clarify, Taylor understands what we say to her. She has no lack of understanding whatsoever. She is not mute, as she makes sounds and can imitate sounds. She is speech delayed and we are hoping that with therapy she will be talking soon!


Bethany said...

Sign language will help so, so much!!! She will say Momma, just you wait!!

Jaime said...

Awe....she will be talking soon. I taught Ethan sign language when he was a baby and now I am starting to with Macy because she doesn't talk much. Only a few words.

She will say momma soon....Pray!

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Gina said...

Awesome! I just posted about this! My little boy is speech delayed as well and we were able to see a Signing Time concert! Rachel is an awesome individual and I am so glad I have invested in these products.