Monday, July 16, 2012

getting back to it

This summer is zooming by, don't ya think?

We've been spending lots of days doing this...
Just hanging out in our bathing suits and playing in the water...

But I've been struggling a little bit.

Don't worry! Nothing is wrong. I've been really struggling with my devotion time. Lately, I've been skipping it more and more. I felt a little voice in my heart say last night ," But where do I fit in?". Between keeping the house under control, taking care of the girls, trying to catch up on my DVR (yes, I am fully aware that this is NOT a neccessity! LOL) , running errands, I feel like my whole day is already mapped out.

And there lies the problem, I think.  Lately, it's like I schedule out my day, maybe leaving some time for me and God to have a conversation. But that's the thing...I don't just want to pencil God into my daily routine. I want him to be IN on my life. I need him to direct my steps, because let me tell you, without Him, I am a hot mess.

So I am getting back to it. Back to making Jesus a part of my whole day, not just squeezing Him in when I get a chance, and back to more praising and less asking. Knowing myself like I do, I recognize that I am going to fall off this horse more than I stay on it. But like they say, it's the getting back on part that matters, right?

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Vanessa said...

I find myself struggling with the same thing! By the time I set aside time to read His word at night, I'm too tired and don't end up opening my bible! Thanks for the push :)