Saturday, August 11, 2012

We have a climber

It's official. We have a climber.

I should have seen this coming! Taylor has been climbing up on our bed for months now, but she has never attempted to climb out of her crib. Until last night!

We put the girls to bed around 8:45 and settled in to watch some tv. One hour later, Mike says to me, "Taylor's up. She's out of her crib." He said it so casually, like it was no big deal. I, on the other hand, jumped off the couch and practically screamed, "What????". And then here she comes, blankie in hand with the biggest smile on her face.

Are you kidding me? I was just having a conversation with my friend Laura about not pushing to get the girls into beds because they were content to be in their cribs and they were NOT trying to climb out yet. I eat my words.

Seriously, I am not ready to get beds for the girls. I am not ready for this at all!!

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Sandy said...

hehe....I love it when we have to eat our words. We had to get a crib tent for C. He JUMPED out of his crib at 14 months and landed on his head. Wal has the cheapest ones!