Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Roundup

I wish I could tell you I haven't blogged because I have been crazy busy being a super mom and we have had tons of summer plans, but...that is not the case!

We have been enjoying our summer, that's for sure, but I am ready for fall. Can't believe I am saying that since I LOVE summer, but I am ready for cooler weather and a change of scenery. I can't stay off Pinterest looking at all of the fall clothes and decorations. Come on fall!

My little monkeys are keeping me on  my toes these days. They have started to figure out how to open doors, repeat EVERYTHING, how to turn a little thing into a major meltdown (like forgetting to get bananas at the store!) and they have also started pushing each other. It just drives me crazy, but they think it's absolutely hilarious. They are also learning what it's like to be in time-out!

Taylor will be starting speech therapy again now that the school year is back in session. She is using some signs (more, milk, eat) and vocalizing a LOT more. I don't know if it's because her sister is such a chatterbox and she wants to do what her sister is doing... but whatever it is, I am thrilled. She has even saying Mama which I LOVE!!!

Morgan is talking up a storm, and loves to count. She can count up to 15, and even knows her ABC's. She can recognize colors and loves to "read" (love it, love it, love it that I may have a bookworm on my hands). We've also realized that we really have to watch what we say because she has repeated something that she overheard us saying and it is not something that a 2 year old should be saying. We were so surprised when she said it though, that we busted out laughing, which only made her laugh even harder. Ooops. Parenting fail.

I've been reading a book by Elizabeth George called "A Woman After God's Own Heart.". Have you read any of her books? I am really liking it so far! More on that later...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thank goodness it's Friday!

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