Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

                                                    Here's What I'm Loving Today!

**I can't stay off Pinterest lately. I have Fall on my mind, so I have been pinning Fall clothes, decorations and ideas for Halloween.
This color combination makes me sigh. I just love the red and gray together. The only thing I am not really into? Flats. I am short as it is, and they just make me look even shorter. And my feet always kill me at the end of the day when I wear flats. But they sure are cute!

                                 This apple green color is my absolute favorite color!

                         These pics just make me want to go on a mad Fall decorating spree.

**I am also crazy about Converse shoes right now. These cuties are on my fall shopping list! So, even though I am not a flats kind of girl, these shoes I can totally work with!

                                                       What are you guys loving today?

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