Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Lazy Sunday

I love lazy weekends, especially lazy Sundays. The kind where you stay in your jammies all day? Yup, we had one of those kind of Sundays.

We were supposed to go and look for big girl beds yesterday, but it just didn't happen. We made a trip to the grocery store in the morning, and then we got a serious case of the lazies, and we never made it out again.

I was in a mad cleaning mood, and so, I was actually productive while I was in my jammies! I cleaned out my car which was a total pit. Does anyone with kids actually keep their car clean? If you do, let me in on your secret! I think I recovered 3 sippy cups, 2 snack containers, 3 pairs of sunglasses, a sweatshirt, 2 books, a stuffed singing duck, and tons of Cheerios. It was glorious to actually be able to see the floor of my car. I'll be vacuuming out the car today...

I even got caught up on the girls laundry. I bit the bullet and put away all the remainders of the girls summer clothes. I've been holding on to a few pieces thinking we might have some warmer weather, but it looks like it's going to be in the 50s this weekend, so I am just going to store them away.

We had the tv on all day, tuned into the Ryder Cup. For the record, I don't play golf. Never have. However, I love watching it on tv. Don't know why, there is no explaination here. Things were super intense there at the end! I was biting my nails for sure!

Speaking of nails, I also managed to paint my nails this weekend! That never happens. I usually like reds, but I had to try this color by Essie called Master Plan. I saw a gray color on my friend Cheryl at her baby shower recently, and loved it. I know she used an OPI color, but I've been drawn to Essie lately. I love their colors, and the names!

I also made crockpot chili yesterday. I have never made chili in my life, but this is definitely the season for it. And yesterday just seemed like the perfect day to try. It turned out amazing!

I loaded my chili with cheese and sour cream. Heavenly, I swear!
The chili recipe was super easy. Here it is in case you want to give it a try!
                                                 HEARTY SLOW COOKER CHILI
1 1/2 lb lean ground beef
1 16 oz can of tomato sauce
2 cans 15 oz each red kidney beans, rinsed
1 1/2 cups of thick n chunky salsa, mild or medium
1 cup frozen corn
1 onion, chopped
2 tbsp chili powder
Brown the ground beef and drain. Add to slow cooker with all of the remaining ingredients, stir. Cover with lid. Cook on LOW for 5-6 hours. Stir right before serving. (recipe courtesy of Kraft)
I had the best Sunday and I feel like I got so much accomplished!
And then Monday came.... :)

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Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

I love a lazy sunday!! ALso I have that Essie color and its one of my favorites!!