Friday, September 21, 2012

1st Day

Taylor had her first play group on Monday at her school!

Honestly, it really felt kind of like her first day of school. Taylor's speech therapy teacher recommended she get involved with a play group at school that is strictly for kids her age with the same speech development issues. It's for an hour every Monday and they sing songs, play outside, have a snack, etc. It was so much fun!

Of course, I had to take her picture...

She is doing so well with her speech! She had quite a long break over the month of August where she didn't meet with her teacher, and that is when she started talking! She can now say (proud momma moment here) MOMMA, dada, nana, papa, home, eat, bye, cheese, go. She also has improved SO much with her listening skills.

I am so excited for her!


Jaime said...

That is soooo great! YAY!
what time is the class on mondays?

I realy think I need to take macy for some speech therapy...she still isn't saying much.

Sarah said...

Jaime, it's at 10:30 on Mondays, but you have to be registered for school there. ANd in order to get registered, you have to do the whole evaluation process. If you think Macy needs speech therapy, get your dr to give her a referral for Early On. That will start the whole process...