Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas {2012}

The Marshalls had an amazing Christmas!
I have been looking forward to Christmas for what seems like forever, because I knew that the girls would be more into it this year. I couldn't wait to see their faces when they saw all the presents! But honestly, I couldn't wait to start sharing with them the tradition of being with family.
We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, and it was just very laid back. My mom made a delicious dinner, with Morgan asking every 2 minutes about presents. As soon as she was done, she made a beeline for the tree.

Morgan and Taylor had stockings at Nana and Papa's too, but they weren't really into those!
They were definitely spoiled by their Nana and Papa for sure! They also were gifted a play kitchen and loved it!

Both girls were given little aprons to go along with their kitchen. Adorable!
 Christmas morning was not as hyped up as I thought it would be. They took their time getting out of bed, and weren't super into opening all the presents, Taylor especially. Morgan would open one present and then only want to play with that one! :) We had to coax her into opening more! Taylor was more interested with asking us to turn on the tv than opening presents. Oh well, there's always next year!


The one present that both girls did go crazy over was the basketball hoop. So glad we purchased it. I think it will be great in our playroom in the basement, especially on those wintery days when we'll be stuck in the house!

We also had Christmas with Mike's parents on Christmas morning. Again, the girls were spoiled rotten! :)

We have one more Christmas get together coming up this weekend, and my brother and niece and nephew are coming, along with some of my aunts and uncles. I can't wait!
Here are some more pics of Christmas 2012!


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