Monday, February 4, 2013

Simplify: checking in

So one month has already passed in the new year and I wanted to do a check in with myself on how I've been living up to my Simplify theme for 2013.

Sometimes it's been easy and other times it just hasn't.

I cleaned out closets. I cleaned and organized my kitchen. I cleaned out the toy box and made room for all the toys from Christmas. Mike and I started a budget and money management system.

I've found that I'm wearing stuff that I had forgotten were in my closet, and I'm learning to be content with wearing a lot of the same stuff over and over.

I've found that I am really being choosy about what I want to spend money on. We've started an all cash system so it kind of forces me to stop and think before I spend money on something I don't necessarily need. However, I still loooove getting on Etsy and drooling over all the goodies. I just can't help myself! I haven't purchased anything for myself except for my weekly Biggby or Starbucks.

The area that I'm not doing well in? Stepping away from my phone. What is about that darn iPhone that I can't seem to get away from? Why can't I put it down? Why do I need to check Facebook and Twitter a hundred times a day? Ugh...well, February is a new month, and that means new opportunities to do better!


Just to be clear, I'm not against spending, shopping, cell phones, social media, etc. The spending and shopping cut has really come from a place of necessity. Mike and I have definitely been affected by the poor economy and we just cannot spend money like we used to. We HAVE to be intentional with our finances. And that's not a bad thing. When I looked around our house and saw all of the things that we had purchased at some point and are no longer using, it was kind of disgusting. I do not want to spend our hard earned money on frivilous things. I want to make smarter choices with our money.

As for cell phones and social media, I don't view those as bad things either, but I think they were messing with me. I mean, how many times did I need to get on Facebook or read blogs and feel bad about myself because I don't live in a brand new house and drive a new SUV? Or feel like I don't "belong" in a clique of women who I don't even really know? I don't know. I just feel like I connect more with bloggers who show the reality of life, and reveal those imperfect moments. I don't want to read a blog and then walk away feeling like I am less than because I don't have the newest Coach bag.

Ok, end of soapbox moment.

I know the upcoming months may get harder as I strive to simplify. But if I can focus on the things that are truly important versus the things that are not, then it's got to be worth the difficulty, right?


Sandy said...

It's SO worth it!!! I don't havr an iphone ( or a smart phone) so I don't know about disconnecting, but I will say that by removing the extra noise, it really clears your day for things that matter- intentional family time, prayer, etc.

Well done!!!

AEOT said...

For lent we are going to "give up" clutter. I've seen the 40 bags in 40 days, and I don't think that is doable for us, but I know we need to purge stuff that we are hanging onto for no reason, and there is no time like the present to start. We are saving for a kitchen renovation, so we've made a conscious decision to buckle down as much as possible this year so that we can get our kitchen as soon as possible. I love being able to work on goals like this. Long terms lists are my "thing"!