Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back and Forth

Making decisions are just not my strong suit. I can easily decide what clothes to wear, what to have for lunch, what color to paint my office, but the big things? Those are the decisions that I struggle with.

I have been going back and forth about finding a new pediatrician for the girls. We haven't been happy with ours for quite some time now, and I have been waiting for the right opportunity or excuse to switch. We had Taylor's follow up appointment with her doctor today to discuss the results from her opthamology visit, and to talk about the possibility of ASD. We didn't leave feeling strongly one way or another about switching. Ugh!

I wish I had a definite feeling about whether to switch or not, and frankly, I may never have that feeling. What I do know is this. We haven't been happy, we've talked about switching for a long time, and I need to just make the decision to find a new one. Enough of my hemming and hawing about it.

Maybe it's too much to expect, but shouldn't I be 100% happy with a pediatrician? Shouldn't I walk out of the office feeling like the doctor and I were on the same page? Shouldn't I be excited that the doctor actually connected with my child and made her feel comfortable about being at the doctor's office? Is it too much to ask that the doctor actually remember my child and remember what we talked about at the last visit?

Those are all questions that we have asked ourselves over and over. Maybe the fact that we have asked ourselves these questions is the answer. Maybe I need to just listen to my motherly instinct and not settle for just an "ok" doctor. Maybe it's time to stop going back and forth.


Jaime said...

That's what I was just going to say. If you are even asking yourself about switching...that's your should think that when you leave the office.

I have had to switch before...I SO did NOT want to do it but it was best for Macy. I loved my doctor but I wasn't getting the care I thought she needed. I switched and got my answers and care that she needed.

Once you switch you will be so happy and question why you didn't do it before.

Like I said if you are even thinking of switching that's your answer.

Good Luck!!
If you need help with doctors let me know.

AEOT said...

Email me if you want about pediatricians. We deal with a lot of different practices, and if I can help in any way, I would be glad to. I like my pediatrician a lot but there actually is one in the practice I like better. I think it would be weird to switch within the practice, so I'm not going to, but the thought has crossed my mind :) It's not for lack of care or any concerns with ours, it's must more of a personality thing. I do think if you have any concerns about the care you are getting, you should definitely switch. It's not worth staying in a bad situation to not hurt feelings and I don't think you should ever leave an office feeling like you didn't get the care you deserved. Sometimes you may not get the answer you like, but it should always be good care.