Monday, July 8, 2013

This and That

Summer is in full swing! I couldn't be more happy about that, except for maybe some more sunny days.

We've been spending time splashing in the pool and playing with the hose...

We also went up north for a couple days over the 4th. It was supposed to be a relaxing little getaway but it didn't turn out that way. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but it was also a little stressful packing for all of us and making sure we had everything. Mike couldn't go with us since he had to work, so that didn't help. He's definitely going next year, that's for sure!

We still have some activities on our Summer Fun List to enjoy, like visiting the farmer's market, and the childrens musuem. Everyday the girls ask what we we're going to do! This coming weekend we have Mike's birthday and our family reunion, which is always good for a ton of laughs.

It was kind of gloomy today so I knew I needed to figure out some sort of indoor activity for the girls, otherwise I would be breaking up fights over toys and pulling out my hair. So, cloud dough it was! (5 lb bag of flour and 1 cup baby oil)

How is your summer going?


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