Monday, March 31, 2014

The Sickies

Maybe it's just my kids, but this past fall and winter has not been kind to my girls. I swear, since they started school in September, it seems like they've been sick at least once a month! 

So, we've been doing lots of movie watching, playing with PlayDoh, reading books and snuggling. 

Usually they don't get sick at the same time, but they did a few weeks ago. It was a constant battle to keep noses wiped, fevers down, and fluids in. I felt so bad for my girls. And just when I thought we might be done with the illness for this winter, Taylor came down with a fever this past Thursday. Bless her heart. 

So I am crossing my fingers and toes that we have seen the last of the illnesses around here! One more reason I am happy to see Spring!

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