Monday, April 28, 2014

The Meaning of Nice

These two girls of mine are crazy about each other but they have fighting like cats and dogs lately. Oh my word. They have been perfecting their screams, I swear! It's like they have to see who can scream the loudest. I may need to invest in earplugs. 

But as much as they fight, they love. They say "I love you" to each other as they get dropped off for school, give each other hugs randomly throughout the day, hold hands in the car. 

One of the big things we teach the girls is that hitting, shoving, and pushing is not ok. It's just not nice and that's not how we treat each other (not that they always abide by this rule. Let's be real, they're siblings!). Yet, it amazes me that there are parents out there who don't bother to teach their kids about playing nice and treating others kindly. 

I took Taylor and Morgan to McDonalds today as a treat for Taylor having an awesome day at school. Of course they wanted to play in the play area. 10 minutes into playing, both girls were screaming from the top of the play structure. Turns out, a little boy was pulling their hair, pushing Taylor and kicking Morgan. Morgan came running over and told me what happened, and followed it up with, "Mommy, we don't hit or kick. It's not nice! Why was that little boy kicking me?". And the clincher? Mean kid's mom never said a word to him. Not a single word! 

It became very clear to me that not all people my kids will come in contact with are good people. Not all kids will know the meaning of nice, but I am so thankful that my girls are learning it everyday.

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