Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Well, it's going to be a completely random What I'm Loving Wednesday for you today! I'm feeling just a little scatterbrained, and overwhelmed by the pile of laundry I need to do, so I am taking a break (or maybe avoiding?) the laundry situation to write this post! Here we go!
1.) We love having breakfast for dinner in our house, and I recently made this breakfast casserole from Mix and Match Mama's aresenal of breakfast recipes. It was quick to whip together and throw in the oven. In fact, it's what we're having for dinner tonight!
Sausage Breakfast Casserole          
2.) This picture of my kiddos FINALLY able to enjoy being outside (thanks alot winter). We discovered a new playground, and the girls just loved it. I think it may be a new hangout this summer!

3.) The new Need To Breathe cd " Rivers in the Wasteland" is awesome!!! I crank it up in the car! Mike and I are even going to see them in June, and I can't wait since I haven't been to a concert in forever. As in years, people. Years!

That's it! Back to the laundry I go...ugh.





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