Monday, January 12, 2015

The Sickies

Do you ever get so frustrated that you just want to cry? Well, I may be at that point. Sickness has been plaguing our house for what seems like forever, and I AM OVER IT!

It was around the beginning of November when I came down with a cold, which morphed into a sinus infection. Dispite being on antibiotics for 2 weeks, I still had the stuffiest nose and was walking around with what felt like a constant cold. Then Mike got the flu which he passed onto me. Just as I am getting over the flu, what happens? Morgan comes down with the flu, and as Morgan is almost back to normal, Taylor came down with the flu over the weekend. But it doesn't stop there, because guess who isn't feeling good again? Yup, that would be me. Something nasty is brewing in my chest and it's giving me the nastiest cough. 

    (That's Morgan sleeping under there)

    (Taylor rarely naps, so I know she's miserable)

Clorox wipes have become my constant companion, and there isn't enough bleach in the world to sanitize my house to my liking. These have been the longest 2 months ever. I am ready for a healthy family again.

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