Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm a Martha

There are toys all over my living room. The tox box is overflowing. There are dried bits of playdoh under my kitchen table. I have a growing mound of laundry that needs to be done, and baskets of clean clothes that need to be put away. My bathroom is in need of a deep cleaning, and I need to wipe down my refrigerator. I have to find Taylor's gloves so she has them for school. I need to sort through the papers in Morgan's backpack. Oh, and I can't forget to call the elementary school and ask for registration papers for kindergarten in the fall (kindergarten???? already?).

These are the thoughts and tasks on my plate every day. I'm sure these are no different than any other mom's. I am not alone in this, I know. Here's the thing though. I feel, more often than not, that I absolutely have to get everything done before I can sit down quietly and do my Bible study, or even pray. I've tried to ignore the mess and the to do list and just take time for God. I always end up trying to hurry through my prayers so I can get to that stack of papers, or laundry, or whatever. I am not focused.

I am a Martha.

Do you remember the story of Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary? Mary sat down at Jesus' feet and was content to do nothing but listen to him. Martha, on the other hand, was a distracted mess. She wanted a clean house, cookies in the oven, and coffee brewing for her guest (ok, not really cookies and coffee obviously, but you get what I'm saying). It's not that she didn't love Jesus or want to be near him. She just wanted everything to be perfect for him.

Here's what I'm realizing---Jesus doesn't want perfection. He wants you to come as you are (thank you David Crowder). With the messy house, and lists of things to do. With your planner untouched, and dust bunnies on the floor. He wants YOU. He wants to spend time with you. I'm slowly trying to let go of my need for everything to be done BEFORE I can get with Jesus. It's hard.

But I want to be a Mary. And so does Jesus. And I don't think he would mind if you brought your coffee.

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