Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Top 3

Erika, who blogs over at A Little Bit of Everything has a post today on the Top 3 Things That Make You Uncomfortable. I had to laugh because i think the topic is hilarious and interesting all at the same time. So, what's my top 3? No judgements! :)

1.) Awkward Hugs---I have no problem with physical contact at all, but I always get really uncomfortable when someone I just met or barely know hugs me. The same goes for relatives I only see once or twice a year. I just feel so uncomfortable when I have to hand out hugs when we're leaving. Hence, the awkward hug.

2.) Temper Tantrums---my girls have outgrown this phase, thank goodness! But there were those moments, when one of them would decide to have a meltdown at a restaurant or when we were out shopping. The screaming combined with people staring never failed to make me feel like I was under a microscope. 

3.) The OB---I know it's one of those necessary things I have to do yearly, but I am SO uncomfortable having to sit in a cold room, practically naked while a doctor examines me. I would rather have a root canal. 

What's your top ?

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