Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Madness

I'm breaking up with winter. It has been so up and down, and frankly, it always seems to bring colds and the flu wherever it goes, and those two are never good friends to have. My whole family had the flu this season along with several colds and it was brutal. Yesterday, Taylor was crying and complaining that her ears hurt. She never complains about feeling sick so I had a feeling she had an ear infection. 

Sure enough, double ear infection for Taylor. She has had 2 sets of tubes and her last ones are no longer in, and I am hoping she doesn't start getting tons of ear infections again. 

Morgan has been glued to my side for over a week. Her favorite thing to do with me? Cuddle. Snuggle. She constantly is asking to sit on my lap or for me to just hold her. It's super sweet. I know this won't last forever, so I'm treasuring it. 

Since we've been cooped up so much, the girls have been getting on each other's nerves, and mine as well. It was time to hit up Pinterest for something they could make. 
We made slime! They loved it, Morgan more so than Taylor. 
It was disgusting. It made me gag a little bit, but I suffered through it for their sake. However, it was pretty cool to see how it "changed" over time. It went from being really runny and stringy to a consistency like silly putty. We would definitely make it again!

I know winter is nowhere near being over in Michigan so I'm bracing myself for a few more colds and tons more snow and chilly temps. We are not outdoorsy people in winter so I might lose my mind before spring arrives but at least I have Pinterest to help me keep the indoor activities going! 

This sums it all up!

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