Monday, April 27, 2015

God has a plan

Her smile melts my heart. Her laugh is hilarious. She is the best snuggler. She is super sweet. Taylor Faith is one awesome kid! I wouldn't trade her for the world! 

We recently found out that Taylor will continue to get special education services next year in Kindergarten under an Autism Spectrum Disorder eligibility. She underwent a series of evaluations at school a couple weeks ago, and we recently found out the results. Honestly, it wasn't a surprise. We have thought she may be on the Autism spectrum for some time now, and these results are just a validation of those thoughts. The saying in the Autism world is " If you know one child with Autism, then you know ONE child with Autism". It truly looks different for every child. She doesn't have the stereotypical characteristics or the characteristics that most people think of when they think of Autism. Taylor has some issues with social skills and sensory sensitivities, such as noises being too loud, or too much going on at one time. However, we are really happy that she will continue to get the assistance she needs while attending a "regular" kindergarten class! 

Does this mean that she has a medical diagnosis of Autism? No. This is just an educational "diagnosis". We are seeing her pediatrician tomorrow to discuss the evaluations from her school. It has been suggested that she get into some outside therapy for her social skills so now we have the ever pleasant task of navigating through insurance and finding out what is covered, etc. 

The fact is, Taylor is an amazing little girl and she has a huge support system in the form of us, her grandparents, and extended family and friends. Am I worried about her starting kindergarten? Yes. Do I think she'll be absolutely fine? Yes. I trust in God's plan for her, and know that He made her exactly how He wanted to. He's got this! And I'm ok with that. 

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