Monday, June 8, 2015

Turning 5

    How in the sweet world are my babies five? Someone hold me.

   Even though they were dying to open their gifts the morning of their birthday, we managed to hold them off until both of us were home from work. So what was on their list of gift requests? Taylor wanted My Little Pony blind bags (any of you who have kiddos who watch the toy videos on YouTube will know what these are), and anything else that was My Little Pony. Morgan wanted Hot Wheels Color Changer cars (I have no idea why, but we "rolled" with, and Legos. I would just like to say that my house is now littered with tons of tiny, itty bitty parts of toys. They are EVERYWHERE! I'm ready to break out the vacuum and suck all those little parts right up. :) 

 The girls wanted a party at Catch Air for their birthday this year, and while it was super chaotic that day, I am glad we did. We showed up with a few decorations, the cake and goody bags, and Catch Air did the rest. It was pretty stress-free! 

Shopkins are really big at our house right now, and the girls really wanted a Shopkins cake. It turned out so cute! It might be one of my favorite cakes they've had. Our cake lady came through again! She has been making the girls' cakes since they were born, and even before that (she did a cake for one of my baby showers). If she ever gets out of the cake business, I'm in trouble. 

    This is the aftermath...she's not tired, is she?

 It only took her 5 minutes to fall asleep. #lifeisrough

I'd say it was a pretty memorable 5th birthday!

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Jaime said...

This is awesome!! We had so much fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!