Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

How are you doing this morning? I'm feeling really lazy and hoping my cup of coffee will magically make itself. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

Here's what I am up to...

1.) What I'm Reading

Confession time. The Marshalls do not eat super healthy. It is rare to find a veggie in our house. In fact, this is exactly my kind of thinking:

Lol! All kidding aside (but not really), I know that we need a change in the way we eat and what we eat. That's where 100 Days of Real Food comes in. I really like this book. It challenges you to think about where your food is coming from, and to really look at the ingredient lists on your food. Lisa's philosophy is organic fruit and veggies first and foremost, and if it has more than 5 ingredients listed, don't buy it. Seems pretty simple to me! I'm not going to lie though. Organic is expensive, and while I will fork over the money for organic fruit and vegetables, I cannot buy organic everything else. It's just not reality. BUT, I am seriously challenging myself to make this change in our lives, so I am starting small. I've switched out the fruit I normally buy for all organic, I've brought organic veggies in the house, and I'm planning a few all real food dinners for this week and next. It sounds strange, doesn't it, to say that we plan on eating real food this week? 

2.) What I'm Listening To: Needtobreathe's Live From The Woods is Enough said.

3.) What I'm Looking Forward To: every summer we go up north for a weekend or overnight if we can't make a weekend out of it. I love spending time in the town my mom grew up, which just happens to be right on Lake Michigan. My childhood is full of memories from my summers there, and while a lot has changed there since I was a kid, it's still one of my favorite places to be. 

4.) What I'm Praying For: I'm going out on a limb here, and telling you what I've had on my mind and heart for the past year or so. I really want to start a small group for moms of young kiddos, who can give weekly (or daily) encouragement to each other via email and text, and who can get together once or twice a month for some real face time and time spent together in God's word. I don't know what that would truly look like, or who would want to be part of this, or any other details. I just know that I've had this need in my heart for community with other moms on a spiritual level. I joined a small group at church this past fall and winter, and while I truly enjoyed it, I have been feeling like something is missing there. The word community kept coming to mind, and I haven't been able to shake this urging. So, I am praying about it, and hoping that God will take care of the rest. 

What are you up to today?

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