Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not enough kindness

Have you noticed how nasty some people can be? Or maybe not even nasty, just not kind? Today at work, one of the associates needed a ride home from work and asked politely if someone could take her home. Do you think that anyone offered? Not a single one. All I heard were cop-outs and excuses. I would have given her a ride home except I was off at a different time than she was. Yet, I offered to ask around to see if someone could.

I was just appalled at the lack of kindness we show each other on a daily basis. I am not saying that we have to be sugary sweet to one another, but what's happened to being considerate of others, taking the time to really listen to what someone has to say, or helping out someone in need? Have we gotten so lazy and selfish that these have fallen by the wayside? Perhaps it is just the work environment that I am in--i work with a lot of gossipy, selfish, snotty people. I know that I can fall into the gossip trap myself sometimes, but I think that everyone needs to stop thinking about themselves ALL the time, and return to showing a little kindness to one another.

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