Friday, August 13, 2010


I haven't blogged in over a week!

Life is just crazy right now. Going back to work is a huge part of that. I am learning to balance it all out, and needless to say, I don't have a lot of time to myself these days. I am not complaining, just stating a fact! :) And blogging used to fit into that time slot called "me time". Now if I have any "me time", it's usually spent cleaning up the house or doing laundry. Trying to find time for everything is a challenge. So please bear with me!

The girls are doing great. At their 2 month checkup, Morgan weighed 11 lbs and Taylor weighed 13 lbs. They are only 1/2" different in height, with Taylor being the taller one. They had to get their vaccinations that day too, and although they cried, they really did well. The only complaint I have is that the nurses had me hold their arms down while they gave the shots. I was not a fan of holding down my babies while nurses poked them in their little legs. It was a little heartbreaking.

They are starting to sleep longer at night which is a blessing for us. I used to be one of those people who needed 8 hours of sleep to function properly, and now it's amazing that I can be perfectly fine on 4 or 5 hours. Well, the large amounts of caffeine help too!

Gotta run for now. We are taking the girls to my parents for their first sleepover! Mike and I are going to a friend's wedding and then staying in a hotel for the night (the hotel is right across the street from the reception). I am so excited for an evening out with my adorable hubby and our good friends. ANd I am not going to lie--a full, uninterrupted night of sleep is going to be great!! (What was I just saying about sleep??? :)


Andrea said...

Jealous! Enjoy your night of uninterrupted sleep :)

Chea said...

So cute!!! Hope you guys have a fun night out!

Becky said...

I know what you mean!!! Every time I want to sit down, I think, "but now is a great time to do (fill in the blank) while the kids are sleeping." Long gone are the days of lounging in front of the if I'm watching TV, I'm also feeding a baby or folding laundry or whatever needs doing!