Monday, January 31, 2011

Long Weekend

It was a very long weekend for the Marshalls. We had two sick babies on our hands! Morgan had been coughing all week, but other than that, showed no real signs of feeling bad. Friday morning I woke up to both girls running low grade temps, drippy noses, and coughing so hard they were throwing up. ANd they both wanted to be held, so I knew there was no way I could go into work with the BOTH of them feeling so bad. I called and got them into see their peditrician who confirmed that they had a virus. He told us it was going to be a long weekend. He was not joking.

I don't think we have slept so erratically since they were newborns! And at least then we could feed them and they would go back to sleep. My poor babes just didn't want to sleep because they were so miserable. Even Taylor, who is our "good sleeper" didn't want to sleep. Both girls would go down at night for a few hours, and then they were up and crying. I finally ended up taking them to bed with us (not at the same time!) and they managed to go to sleep.

Ok, so this pic is a little gross, but it's exactly how Morgan felt. And she was SO over having me constantly wipe her nose. She would throw her hands in front of her face and cry every time. By the way, I love Boogie Wipes.

Here's my other sickly babe, Taylor. Again with the wet nose and mouth. Ick. I felt so bad for them!

And now we are hunkering down for a major snowstorm headed our way tomorrow night. Supposedly it's going to drop over a foot of snow, which is the most we've had all winter. Can't wait (can you sense my sarcasm?).


Bri said...

AWWWW I hope they feel better soon!

Sandy said...

Even though they're all sick and snotty, they're still totally CUTE! Hope they feel better soon.