Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Rewind

We had an exciting weekend around here!!! It involves this :

Morgan started asking Mike if she could go on the potty, and when he put her on, nothing happened. Well, yesterday morning, she asked me if she could go on the potty, and of course, I was happy to. Sure enough, she went without any coaxing! *Happy mama moment!

So, I knew it was time to get a potty chair. I bought the Fisher Price Cheer For Me potty, and Morgan looooves it. It's her new favorite thing. She keeps asking every 5 minutes if she can go potty! She went on it successfully last night, and again this morning. I don't want to get overly excited since I'm not sure this is going to last, but I am thrilled that we are starting to potty train. It was kind of unexpected, but I am glad this is on her terms. I never wanted to be pushy when it came to potty training, and we were just kind of waiting until she showed some interest in it. If I can get one out of diapers, that would be a HUGE relief on my weekly grocery bill! :)

I also attempted to get some reading done this weekend. Have I mentioned I love the library? I got these 2 gems from the library and am doing my best to read them before my 2 weeks are up and I have to grudgingly bring them back (2 weeks is not a lot of time when you are chasing toddlers!). Both are from Jen Hatmaker.

                Jen is just rocking my world right now. Her humor KILLS me. I wish we were friends :)

I also attempted to get Christmas pictures of the girls. Ugh. Taking everyday pictures of them is no problem, because if the picture is a little goofy, who cares? It's for me and my family, and we love them, goofy expressions and all. But I get all stressed out when I am taking a picture, knowing full well everyone in my entire address book will be seeing it. I feel the pressure to get a good picture. And here we are folks...this is what I was dealing with.

As cute as they are, this is not the image I want to be mailed out to every family member and friend. I think I have a couple I can work with, but we'll see...I am working VERY hard to stop being a control freak here. So if you get our Christmas card this year, please don't laugh. Have sympathy on me. :)

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