Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowy Monday

It looks like winter has finally arrived in Michigan! As i sit here blogging, the snow is falling and we are in for a long day of being cooped up in the house. I have to get on Pinterest today and find some fun ideas for the girls. Or I may lose my mind.

Speaking of Pinterest, I pinned this adorable Valentine's Day envelope chair backer quite a while ago. Imagine my happiness when I found it was still available on Pottery Barn Kids! And it was on sale and free shipping! I love free shipping--it makes me feel like I am getting a deal. In case you are interested, they are still on sale this morning for $15 and you can get free shipping with a code of FREESHIP.  I really want to use this for more than just Valentine's Day. I think I may leave them up all year round and put love notes in there for the girls to find.

So, I think me and the girls are going to spend this snowy Monday building a fort, making sugar cookies, doing some sensory play with play-doh and a rice bin, and who knows what else I find on Pinterest. I also think massive amounts of coffee will be on hand as well. Happy Monday to you!
Oh, and if you want a great website for fun stuff to do with your kiddos, I just found Awesome ideas!