Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Potty Training Woes

I would seriously pay anything right now to have Morgan potty trained ASAP. 

It's not going well, people.

She's been going on the potty on and off for months now, but never consistently. I will admit that that is our fault since half the time she would be in pull ups and a diaper the other half of the time. Sometimes we would ask her and then other times we wouldn't, in the hopes that she would just go on her own. That strategy, or lack thereof, has not worked well.

So, here we are. A month away from preschool and M is still not fully potty trained. I have a sinking feeling that she will not be going. I don't want to push her but I think it's time to try a different approach. But what? 

She still has accidents in her pull ups because she doesn't stop playing to go, and she refuses to poop in the potty. I've tried books, offering rewards, sticker charts, gummy bears, etc. Nothing is working! 

I am one frustrated mama!


AEOT said...

Have you just kept her naked and in the house/outside with no errands/no running/no nothing for 3 days? That's what we did for Spencer over Christmas. We didn't do pull ups except at night and no diapers ever. It worked well! He hated peeing on himself so had minimal accidents.

Sarah said...

That is our next approach! I am ready to try anything at this point, and I have heard that the 3 day method works, so I will let you know how it goes. :)