Thursday, July 25, 2013


Over the past month if you would have honestly asked me how I was doing, stressed would be the first word out of my mouth. But that's not what I tell people. The knee jerk response is "I'm great!".

Don't get me wrong. I know that I am blessed in so many ways and am beyond lucky to have what I do, but if I'm being real here, the everyday happenings of life have been stressing me out.

 I love my girls beyond words but this phase they are in right now is not a walk in the park. Morgan and Taylor never really went through the "terrible twos", but have jumped right into the "terrible threes". We are talking meltdowns over silly things, screaming matches, exerting independence, etc. Couple that with Taylor's need to have everything in a specific way (for example, she loves Care Bears and Mickey Mouse but we can only watch a certain episode of those shows OR she must be given the exact same 2 fruit choices in the morning) and it's a recipe for disaster.

I find myself getting frustrated more easily, and my tension level rising. That brings me to the beginning of July when I started getting episodes of weird vision followed by headaches. It's been happening on and off since then, and I finally went to the doctor  because I was so freaked out by it all. She diagnosed me with migraines. Um, excuse me?

I guess the biggest lessons I'm learning are these: #1--I am not 20 something anymore, and I can't deal with stress the same way I used to. #2--I need to not let the little things bother me, and when they do, I need an outlet for that stress. #3--I can't bottle things up because my body will find a way to repay me for it.

*note: I started writing this post back on July 10. Since then, I've felt better! I'm stressing less, eating better and generally just feeling happier. Thank goodness for that! But I realize that if I don't manage my stress, it's going to take a toll.

What are your biggest stress relievers?

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