Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Sunday

Hello, Sunday! Nice to see you again...

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I feel like it's my day to get caught up on everything, and to get organized for the week ahead. Typically, we lay around in our jammies first thing in the morning, with the girls watching Caillou or Sesame Street, and I lounge on the couch with my cup of coffee and a magazine (usually Rachael Ray, Parents or Food Network). Next, I do a rough meal plan for the week, and make my grocery list. Then its' off to the grocery store for me!

I also like to make dinner on Sundays. Not that I don't make dinner any other night of the week, but weeknights are a little more hectic, and sometimes Mike is working so I whip up dinner for the girls and I make a little something for me, or I eat leftovers. On Sunday, I can take my time and actually enjoy the process of cooking! There is just something about making a meal for your family that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that!

I sometimes will bake on Sunday as well. I like having a sweet treat to enjoy throughout the week. My waistline, however, does not enjoy it as much, so I've cut back on the baking. I did make Pumpkin Muffins today though! Supposedly, it's a "skinny" muffin recipe, so I feel slightly better about that. Now we have something to munch on as we're headed out the door in the mornings this week!


I have the biggest pile of laundry waiting for me today too. Call me crazy though, I like getting it done all on one day. I've tried to do loads throughout the week so that I'm not feeling like I'm ALWAYS doing laundry, but it just doesn't work for me. The majority of my laundry is done on Saturday and Sunday. That way, I am starting out the week with little to no dirty laundry. Yes! 

What day of the week is your favorite?

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