Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

Here's what I'm loving today...
1.) Since we are starting Lent today, I thought this post by Karen Ehman was really cool. I struggle every Lent with what I'm giving up, and I understand completely the purpose of giving up something, however, I love the idea of a Reverse Lent Challenge!
2.)I received a card in the mail today from a sweet girl in my small group. She too, is a mom to a little one, and she just had the best words of encouragement. I loved that it came via snail mail! While I think technology is an amazing thing, I think we are losing some things to it as well. Like sending a good old fashioned hand written note.
3.) This last one is completely random, but I really am loving the Vanilla Machiatto at Starbucks. I was not a fan of the Caramel Flan latte, but Starbucks scores big points for this new tasty concoction. You must try one this week!

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