Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Goals

I know we are already half way into January but I still wanted to lay out my goals for 2015. I don't get all worked up when I don't reach a goal but I always like to have something that I'm working towards. I am a big believer in balance, so I certainly don't overwhelm myself by focusing on my goals ALL the time, but I think it's super important to have areas that you want to work on or grow.

So for 2015, the four most significant areas that I want to focus on are my marriage, my kiddos, my spirituality and well, me!

* more date nights! Once a month is what I'm shooting for. 
*read "You and Me Forever" by Francis and Lisa Chan together. 
*better communication on both little and big things.

*less screen time and more imaginative play.
*family trips: Disney World, Great Wolf Lodge, the beach, the aquarium.
*reading, reading and more reading

*eat more REAL food, less processed stuff. 
*drink more water (ugh)
*read, read, read--at least two books a month. This doesn't sound like much but I'm also always reading a "faith based" book at the same time!
*stick to my budget and save

*start every morning with prayer
*tithe regularly
*daily devotions for both me and the girls
*bring more people to the church (both figuratively and literally)

I really hope I can live out these goals because most of these are things that I've struggled with or have not implemented like I truly intended. The truth is, I always start out strong in January and February but then my motivation and intentionality fizzle out quickly after that. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this year!!!

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