Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Blessings

We really had a great Easter this year! I was a little worried the girls wouldn't be able to even wear their Easter dresses because there was a chance of a rain/snow mix but it turned out to be pretty decent. 

We went to church on Saturday night and had an amazing time of worship! *I really needed it--more on this tomorrow*

We woke up Sunday morning to Morgan's excited cries that the Easter bunny left eggs. I guess I need to make those eggs harder to find next year! :)
We all got up and Mike and I watched the girls finish their Easter egg hunt and look for their baskets. 

What was in the girls Easter baskets, you ask? :) Right now, they love My Little Pony and Shopkins. So there were a lot of those toys in there! Also, since we are going to DisneyWorld next month, I thought these shirts would be super cute! 

The rest of our Easter we spent at both my mom and dad's and at Mike's mom's. It was really just a perfect day! 

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