Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Weeks Old

The Twins are 8 Weeks Old!!!

Taylor Faith

*Good Sleeper

*Huge blue eyes with super long eyelashes

*Laid back

*Loves her binky

*Coos up a storm when "playing" in her activity gym

Morgan Jane

*Little Miss Serious

*Loves to be held and cuddled

*Just starting to take a binky, although sometimes she still isn't too sure about it!

*Doesn't like to nap.

*Dark eyes--hoping they'll be brown!

They make my heart so unbelievably happy that sometimes I just look at them and tear up. God is just too good. I couldn't have imagined my life like this even if I tried. God knows what He is doing--without a doubt!


Andrea said...

Love this :) And I love how these two twin girls have such different personalities! I bet it's a blast watching their little characters develop. God IS good! :-D

nursekj said...

they are so cute!! They seem to be getting closer in size too, and you are right God does know what he's doing!!!

Dana said...

They are beautiful.